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Thanks for visiting my website and reading about me !!

I am a Travel and Lifestyle Photographer & Blogger and based in Pune, India

I started this website to share my experiences and art with the world.

My¬†philosophy is don’t keep your work just to yourself, so I created this space to share my work. I’ve travelled across the nation for my photographic expeditions and now I am trying to make my toe hold in professional paradigm. I also do fashion photography, people/ candid photography, new born photography, children photography, portfolios, event photography, pre- wedding photography and wedding photograph.

I have worked with various artists and journalists and having experience of 8 years. Working on my first photo documentary for quite some time, hope to finish it in near future and to present it to to you all.

I hope you like my work here and if you require my services I am available at your disposal. I would love to connect with you.




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