They were glittering, sparkling and they were colorful, I felt I was standing on a palette ..

While shopping for my marriage I saw these hanging laces in many colors .. all bright and tradition colors I was looking for..ASTOUNDING WITH COLORS

I was trying to get a customized saree for my  marriage. so I planned to design it. I was at the wall city market of Jaipur called Bapu bazar.. old market where all the shops and walls are pink .. Jaipur is also called pink city ..

Bapu Bazar usually is a very happening place, full of lights, clothes, jewellery etc., and for sure japuri juti – (hand made leather footwear full of colors and tradition designs) and at the time of festivals and marriage season its just beautiful, its like a carnival of colors and lights .. whole market is decorated like a bride ..

So, as I was searching for appropriate material for my saree, I saw these. I went inside the shop and i was amazed on the sight, the shop was loaded with hundreds of laces, beads and decorative items.. The lights in the shop was like a topping.. They were glittering, sparkling and were colorful.. after I shopped for my saree I thought to take a picture for the beautiful felling I felt..

I was just astounding with colors..

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