An eminent Kuchipudi dancer, an art, design and media lecturer, a Guinness Book of World Record holder –  Abhinaya Nagajothy.

Abhinaya is a charming and down to earth girl and undoubtedly an amazing Kuchipudi dancer. With big bright eyes and and a pretty smile she made me her fan. .I got a chance to do her profile shoot at Khajuraho Festival of Dances  where she had performed.

Let me share my spiritual connection with Abhinaya then a beautiful friendship with the eminent dancer. I was shooting the event at Khajuraho festival of dances and she had to perform with two more amazing dancers of different classical dance forms. I saw Abhinaya from my view finder in a bright yellow and pink dress with beautiful traditional jewellery and make up, she was looking like a Goddess, I just could not remove my eyes from her.. with poised expression and a mudras, as she entered the stage and I saw her through my camera’s view finder I thought as if a beautiful Goddess coming down from heaven.

Any how I managed to click a few pics as she along with her co dances started performing, but slowly I was so mesmerized that I don’t even remember when I had stopped shooting pictures. I was just out of the world watching her perform, trying to stop my self from shedding tears or rather I would say I was trying to get my self back to this world.. having tears in my eyes and goose bums all over my feet got stuck to the ground and I stood at the very spot where I was shooting, I could not move a bit till her performance was over.

When she finished her performance and was coming from the back stage.. I simply ran towards her putting my full strength..I think at that moment I was totally out of the world and just wanted to meet her before she goes back .. yes! I thought she is a Goddess and she would go back, I wanted to check whether she was real or not. When I reached her she was taking to media personals in English with spectacles on her eyes.. I suddenly came back to world .. Yeh It sounds strange..but yes she made me feel out of the world and I had that great spiritual connection with her.

The next day I had to do her profile at the temple, I saw my Goddess again in spectacles.. lol , with a mixed feeling I started to shoot her profile and by no time I realized she is a fun loving and joyful person.. though it was difficult for me to connect with her again in this form, but her free spirit and fun loving attitude made me her fan and a friend both.

Last not the least she is an actor from Telugu Film Industry – Abhinaya Nagajothy is daughter and disciple of Guru Smt Seetha Nagajyoti and Guru Shri P. Nagajyoti

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