FLOWER (mothi sonaki)




“The earth laughs in flowers.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I felt I must have flowers always and always.  They were so beautiful that I just wanted to touch all hundred flowers and did not want to pluck any one. I saw the most exhilarated thing under the sun!

A flower that stays in full bloom. A sign of beauty, a symbol of grace.I felt like dancing  in the sun, wearing wild flowers in my hair. I am talking about my visit to “Kaas Plateau” which is also known as “Kaas Pathar” It is situated in the Western Ghat Sahyadri range, 22 kilometers from Satara city in Maharashtra state of India. The area of plateau is approximately 1,000 hectare.  Its name is derived from beautiful Kaasa tree, the beauty of the tree is that the leaves turn green to red as they mature and gets white flowers only for 15 days in the month of March.

The best time to visit Kaas Plateau is monsoon, from the mid of August to October. The whole plateau looks like a carpet in various colors. This this where I got this shot from. The fields of  Kaas was very beautiful and grassy and
I guess the beautiful flowers were feeling sassy. The beautiful flower which is also known as “Mothi Sonaki” locally posed and danced in the gentle breeze, and in the sun they had the a burning honour.

No matter where you see flowers, whether found in a store or in wild, you always see it withering.In joy or sadness flowers are our constant friends.



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