Sheer fun of  24 hrs …

6 am – 10 am (Deccan queen)- Pune  blue

Time to celebrate.. its Rakha Bandhan and I am going home ..

Its been long when I last got up early in the morning. . I was jet-lagged by waking up early in the morning.. lol..  It was drizzling at 6 am in the morning when I started from my home to catch a train for Mumbai. I was very excited and thrilled to go home .. with lots of thoughts popping in my mind.. I bought lots of gifts and chocolate for everyone in my family. Its a festive season and  Jodhpur is a place where life is full of color and every festival is celebrated beautifully.

10. 10 am to 3.0   0pm (Suryanagri Expresthe blue skyes)- Mumbai

Finally I have reached Mumbai and taken my train for Jodhpur.. My journey to Jodhpur has started..

Taking my seat  in the beloved 2nd AC compartment..Its kinda comfortable and suddenly I saw a real character in real life, sort of  step up artist who has earned his shoes .. Golden shoes Moving through the station crowd; shouting chai walas, tracks, I waved my hand to the colorful concrete jungle of Mumbai.

Leaving the boundaries of  the city, I came across the green lands with brimming trees and mountains, all were in beautiful shades of green, monsoon has made them all young again.. It is like a palette of green color with different hues and shades,

calm back waters of sea and smtouching the horizonall ponds.. I am loving  everything..I could also see blue color boats on the bank of the water bodies.. Its seems to me like a big canvas, and the beautiful sky, how can I not mention them. I could see so many shapes forming.. they are flying high sometimes black and grey.. and some where they are white like cotton floating in the blue sky.. sometimes kissing the pinnacle of the huge green mountains and sometimes embracing the mountains ..

blue and greenI could not stop myself from shooting the scenes and I got these random shoots ..

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