lonely tree

Lonely Tree

“With the wind”  said me the lonely tree..

It was noon and the sun seems to be pausing in his journey across the vast blue sky, the roads were empty and silence filled the air, we continued driving around, taking in the sights of the beautiful landscape which gave a treat of green to our eyes. This is the road to the KASS PLATEAU. As we kept driving, I saw a blur image of a lonely tree which was getting cleared as we moved further, with a vast land holding it all alone. Even the most careful travelers occasionally find themselves getting lost in the beautiful scenery, so for me it was but obvious to get mesmerized  and lost.  As the scene neared to my vision, I jumped on my seat and asked my friend to stop  the car. I was speech less to see the magnificent scenery and I kept telling myself  that “yes this is for real, not a western art painting or a poetry”, but I could not stop myself from imagining stories, painting or even trying to create a  poem, I was just swimming in the sea of the inventiveness.

I was just sitting and seeing the mountains standing imposingly, vast land carpeted in green holding that lonely tree all alone close to its heart. I felt the tree was like a child who wanted to run, hop, jump and fly with the wind and the land was like his mother holding its hand tight..

The lonely tree was making me nostalgic, I was remembering my childhood days in Shillong when my father used to take me and brother along with him on his tour in the north eastern part of India where I always wanted to jump and touch the clouds. As a child, road trips often made me wonder secretly if it was me or the landscape that was moving…

The lonely tree was like me.. wanting to run, hop, jump and fly with the wind.

The mountains, sky and the lonely tree remained unmoved, but my emotions were stirred.

“With the wind” I said  it to the lonely tree.

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