Loove BirdsTheir eyes speak about their love..

They are the katputlis (puppet) from Rajasthan always in pair with lot of stories and colors. Its a little write up about these beautiful katputali pair who bring stories to life ..

I had gone to met an artist friend to a town in Churu District called Ratangarh., a peaceful town with long roads and big havelis (mansions). One can find a lot of frescoes in the havelis as well as in the homes of the residents. Ratangarh is also famous for handicraft and bandhani.

So here comes the story  of the the katputlis.. while I was roaming the city with my friend I saw a young boy selling katputlis in the traditional attire himself. He was full colors and in the sunlight the colors seems to shine bright, I stopped by to ask him the price of the katputlis pair and started looking at them, actually for searching for the best couple in the bunch ..

All the katputlis had very attractive faces with beautiful eyes and expressions, I got to know from the boy that his family is into the handicraft business and puppet shows, so decided to go his place take a look on the handicraft and also attend one the puppet shows. Next day I went to his home and saw a small room with  lots of handicraft and puppets. I was like a world of colors which had every ting puppet like people, wooden carts, marble stuff, its was just amazing.I bought a lot of things from there along with the puppets.

I got to know from the boy’s that they are going to have a show in a haveli turned into a restaurant and I was invited, I got there on time and took my drinks and sat on the first row , as I did not want to miss anything and then the show started, it was a story of a king and a queen.. narrated by the katputlis maker and his wife with folk songs and music ..

it was mesmerizing. In between the show I got the picture of the love birds .. their eyes speak of their love.

For the amazing puppet maker and the lovely katputlis maker.

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