Reprisal of Love – A Day in the Life

Cleaning the kitchen Mia thought she has to divert her mind. She simply wanted to sleep. She had a lot of sleepless nights in last couple of weeks. She went back to her bedroom continuously staring at the floor thinking about Jules. She missed her so much and still could not believe that her childhood friend had cheated her. Jumbled in thought of pain, rage and disbelief, she was just walking aimlessly. Thoughts were revolving in her mind which was directly connected to her heart. Weather how much she wanted to divert her thoughts and think more practically, she was failing, loosing herself again.

She fell on her bed now staring at the roof, she wanted the time to stop, everything to stop, her thoughts, her past everything. She silently lied on her bed pulling her sheets up to her chin. Mia closed her eyes and a tear rolled down, she again tried to stop herself from crying but it was too late. Mia bent her face towards the pillow and covered her face with the sheet till her nose as if she was hiding from someone. She was broken from within, betrayed and cheated. This thought was banging her mind as if it was a hammer hitting her head. Mia closed her eyes tightly and sobbed a little but it soon turned into crying. She pushed her face into the pillow and cried so hard that her pillow got wet with her saliva and tears. She cried for hours not moving an inch.

It was almost 3 am in the morning. Mia got up from her bed, sat there for a few minutes and then went to the bathroom to wash her face. She switched on the lights and saw herself in the mirror. Swollen eyes and red line marked by the wrinkles on the pillow. She was all red, red eyes, red cheeks and with red marks on her face. She hated that look of her. She took some face cleanser and washed her face and patted with her towel.
Walking towards her bed she felt a bad headache, so she turned towards her living to get her medical box kept on the side table of the couch. Mia opened the medical box and luckily found some pain killers, talking to herself she told “lucky Indeed” and then reached to the refrigerator for water bottle, she gave a little pissing smile, last not the least she had a few fridge magnets with pictures of her and Jules and also with John.

Mia having a bad headache was now more pissed. She just pulled the magnets and threw them on the floor.

She took the pain killer and went back to her bed. She sat on the corner of her bed silently looking at the floor getting lost in multiple thoughts. Mia took a deep breath and stood up. Making a tight fist she went to the bathroom and switched on the light. She saw herself a few seconds in the mirror and promised herself that she will not cry anymore. Not for herself neither for what Jules did to her nor for John.
She bought back her confidence and smiled, as if she was trying to comfort her reflection in the mirror. Mia now needed to sleep. She walked towards her bed and took another pillow and changed it with almost wet pillow. She lied down staring at the roof for some time. She closed her eyes, pulled her sheet to cover her face, hoping to sleep soon.

End of Chapter 1

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