Chapter 1- Reprisal of Love – A Day in the Life

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“I should not look back again”, Mia told herself as she saw Jules going. She was Mia’s best friend or the only friend in the city. A wave of sadness was over her and a tear rolled down from the corner of her eye. Mia wiped the little drop of tear before it could roll down to her cheeks and started looking for her apartment keys. Key to the main door along with her car keys was tugged in a broken heart shaped key chain. Jules had given her this key chain on her birthday last week and the other half was with her. She looked at the keys for a while and then grabbed them tightly in her fist as if she was grabbing Jules’ hand.
Mia started walking towards her apartment which was just one block away from Jules’ apartment. She opened the door, it was dark and cold, felt a strange loneliness in the apartment, though she had been living alone for a few years now. She switched on the lights and quickly changed into her pajamas and went to the kitchen to fill her stomach. She had not eaten anything since this morning. She had forgotten to eat because of the mess in her mind. She just microwaved ready made red pasta, while pouring herself some cold drink. She thanked the makers of ready made food as she was not required to brush up her cooking skills.

Along with dinner Mia thought  of reading some of her case studies for her presentation but just could not concentrate even after reading every single line at least ten times. She was lost in the incidents that had happened to her in the last few months. She was used by her boyfriend John, just to win a bet. Munching some chips she looked in the mirror bending a little bit to the corner of her bed, “was she so beautiful that John had to bet on her?”, she thought to herself.

Mia has bright green eyes, flawless fair skin with dimples on her cheeks and long curly hair which she recently had colored in deep brown.
Looking at the mirror she thought, she looked bad without wearing makeup. She could still see that scar on her right cheek which she got while she was running away from John and his friends. She was frightened with that thought and her notes fell off her hands. She realized that she was reading her case study, she picked up the papers and assembled them carefully and kept them on the bed next to her dinner which was lying on the bed. She was lost in the past and she no longer wanted to eat.
Mia closed her eyes and laid her head back on the big pillow behind her. She did not want to, but was being dragged by the past incidents which had penetrated so deep, that she could feel the pain in her heart. She was in love, so much in love with John. He was Mia’s first love and she told herself not to cry by thinking, trusting John was the worst part of her life.

She cursed the day at her college when she chose John to be her dancing partner. This time Mia could not stop her tears from rolling down. She had held them for a long time trying to be strong knowing she was not alone. She had Jules, her best friend with her.
Her eyes were closed filled with tears, every moment passing by was dragging her back into her past. In spite of trying hard not to get back into those painful memories, she lost control over emotions and could not stop herself from sobbing and thinking about John.

John was a guy who could make girls go bonkers, he had huge muscular body, dark brown deep eyes and a smile which could melt anything in the world. He had amazing dancing skill as well. Mia was trying to be honest with her as she wiped her tears with her sleeve. She wanted John to be her dance partner because of his dashing looks at first and then his dancing skills. Thinking about that moment, brought a little smile on her face. Her cheeks were turning pink again. She was then sailing in her thoughts about her first love folding her knees close to her chest which was beating really hard thinking about those days she pulled her sheets to cover her knees and then stared looking endlessly towards the big window on her left showing the city lights. Her apartment was on the top floor with wide windows and a big balcony.
The smile on her face was still glowing as she was remembering the hugs and the kisses and the romantic moments spent with John while practicing for the competition.

Her phone rang and she was almost scared to death. She was lost in her thoughts of her first love, which was actually based on a lie. She checked her cell it was her elder sister Anna. She had some casual talks with her and ended the call.

Mia was back to her world sad lonely again. She was biting her lower lip very hard as if she was trying to punish herself for smiling thinking about John. She cursed John and got up to drink some water realizing that her dinner was still lying on her bed. She picked the plate and went to the kitchen but she still could not stop herself from thinking about Jules and John. How could her childhood best friend cheat her? Jules broke her friendship with Mia when she told her about revenge she wanted to take from John. She tried to make her understand what John did to her along with his friends. She pleaded and cried in front of her to be with her, help her, but Jules was not ready to be with her.
Remembering all this she drank the full glass of water in one breath. Wiping her lips with her sleeves again she was filled with anger and determination to take revenge. Revenge from John, Peter, Chris and Jules. Trying to connect all the incidents that had happened she thought there is a lot about Jules which had to be dug out.

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