Window to history

Glory of Udaipur is well know to the world, the beautiful lakes, colorful festivals and the great Kumbhalgarh Fort.

I went to Udaipur for an event and luckily got a chance to visit the Kumbhalgarh Fort, it was quite a huge one, with very beautiful architecture, carvings and colorful windows, as I got to know that the  windows were used by queens to see the Darbar (court).

Beautifully designed and with so much of ventilation while roaming inside the fort I noticed this small window which was one feet above the floor..

it had a beautiful view, I tried to sit  near the window and take look out side.. it was mesmerizing. while enjoying  the view I heard somebody saying that the Queens and there maid would sit here and pass there time seeing the outer world, I guess he was a tourist guide..I just smiled at him and felt like a Queen seeing the outer world.. 🙂  little imaginations can really get you the the outer world sometimes…

That is when I shot this window. This window known as ‘Jharokha ‘ in Hindi. The wall and window had light brown colour and was the window had a lot of dirt on its corner , but still was beautiful, a little bit carving and dogged edges. I was admiring the window while preparing for shoot,  the window seems to me like an old gate keeper who has seen kings, queens and battles but still guards the gates of the fort..

and then I got the perfect portrait  of the Window to History..

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